What happens on snow days or in other inclement weather?

Our meals are made fresh every morning -- so snow days are a challenge. Luckily for you, we like a good challenge.

If we get more than 2 business days notice, then we're happy to provide a 100% credit for the canceled meal.

If we get less than 2 days' notice, we are able to provide a 50% credit to your account. The local caterer who prepares your child's lunches will have already sourced the day's food, and may have already started lunch preparations.  Our school closing credit policy is designed to be as fair as possible, both to you and to the local small business that are the cornerstone of ability to serve you well.

We cannot save the meal for the following day, so on snow days or other unscheduled school closures, we donate undelivered meals to a local shelter or food bank.

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