What happens on snow days or in other inclement weather?

Our meals are made fresh every morning -- so snow days are a challenge. Luckily for you, we like a good challenge.

If we get more than 2 business days notice, then we're happy to provide a 100% credit for the canceled meal.

If we find out about the closing up until 6 am on the morning of (including the day before), we are able to offer a 50% credit. After 6 am, we are able to offer a 25% credit. Snow days are a challenge, as meals begin cooking early in the morning and prep actually begins the day before (things like pulling packaging, chopping fruits & veggies, etc.).

We cannot save the meal for the following day, so on snow days or other unscheduled school closures, we donate undelivered meals to a local shelter or food bank.

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