What is Smart Lunches’ stance on food allergies, such as nuts, gluten, dairy and egg?

Allergies matter. We and our licensed trained food providers are well-trained in allergy awareness. All our menus are free of both peanuts and tree nuts.

Our meals are made in kitchens in which nuts are used; however, our providers prepare Smart Lunches in nut-free production lines using ServSafe practices to avoid cross-contamination.

Certain items included in our ingredients may have come from a facility that processes nuts. Similarly, other items marked as free of something (dairy, egg) are also prepared in kitchens where these items are in use.

Since we are unable to make any guarantees, we ask parents to make their own decisions as they would when dining out. By voluntarily participating in food selection, parents accept all risks associated with ordering food. See our Allergy Policy for more information.

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