How do I order?

All ordering is done right on our website at

At Smart Lunches, we know that families have different needs when it comes to school lunches. So we offer two different ordering styles, and you get to pick which one fits your families needs.

Our first option is a la carte ordering, or ordering on an as needed basis, which is our most flexible ordering style. You can order individual lunches just on days that you need lunch.

Our second option is meal plan ordering, or a reoccurring subscription meal plan, which is our most cost-effective ordering style. With this option, you choose the size of meal your luncher needs, select which days of the week you want lunch delivered, tell us what additional items you'd like included (drinks or snacks) -- and we generate your order for the month based on your meal ratings. The more days per week you order, the lower the cost. Near the end of each month, your meal plan will run again (don't worry, we'll send you reminders!) for the following month.

To order, head to our homepage click the CREATE ACCOUNT button in the top right corner. You'll be able to create an account, and go through the steps of setting up your luncher profile. You'll also be able to select between a la carte and meal plan ordering, whichever is the most convenient for your needs!

All major credit cards accepted. We do not accept orders over the phone or through email. 

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