How can I see the actual menu for my school?

Our menus vary slightly for each school we serve. To see the menu this fall at your luncher's school, just do these quick easy steps:

  1. Once your account is set up (no obligation), create a luncher profile, and select the state, city, and school for your luncher. Then tell us if the luncher is a student or a staff member (because sometimes the menus vary), and select the room or session that applies from the drop-down box.
  2. Then on the upper-right-hand of the screen, click on "Calendar," which will take you to the calendar view of your luncher's full menu. For each day of the week, you'll see a list on the left-hand side of the screen, with Hot Options and Cold Options. If you have applied any dietary filters or disliked any lunches, your menu may be a bit reduced as we will omit menu options that don't suit your luncher.

For each menu option, you can examine the ingredients, the nutritional profile, and all the available fresh fruit & veggie sides (included) and optional add-on snacks and drinks.

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