Do you offer snacks, fresh fruit, desserts & drinks?

Yes, Smart Lunches does offer snacks, treats, fresh fruit and drinks that can be added to any meal for an additional cost. The snacks and drinks are packed with the lunch, so your child will receive them with their lunch. The snacks and drinks will not available for morning snack time. 

Snacks include salty snacks like baked Lays, Goldfish, mozzarella sticks string cheese, applesauce, pretzels & Smartfood popcorn. If you would like to add fresh fruit, you have the option of apple slices or oranges. While parents who would like their kids to have a sweet treat can add on a chocolate pudding or Chips Ahoy cookie crisps. Drinks include water, organic Honest fruit punch or apple juice and Organic Horizon Milk. 

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